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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Las Vegas

Don't forget that our knitting classes will be starting over the next two weeks. Socks start on Monday night and there is still room for a couple of people. Please call the store if you are interested.

In January we will be going to the TNNA show in San Diego. I go to the show twice a year to buy new stock for the store and luckily the January show is always in sunny California. This year we can't get a direct flight from Toronto to San Diego. I decided that we would fly to Vegas on Friday and stay the night. Saturday morning we will fly to San Diego and be there until Tuesday morning when we will fly back to Vegas. Then I am having a vacation and staying in Vegas until Saturday. The casinos are always sending emails about great room rates and I have been anxiously awaiting the emails about January. One came in last week and we could have stayed there but it wasn't my first choice. Yesterday afternoon the rates for Treasure Island came. Within an hour I had my rooms booked and was a happy camper. We can stay in Vegas for 3 nights for the same rate as our hotel in San Diego. You can tell that I am very excited. It has been a year since we were in Vegas and I am missing it greatly. Now the dollar just needs to get better before then.

I have finished another two squares on the afghan but don't have pictures yet. Just three squares to go.

I hope all my posts in the last week have kept my mom happy. There hasn't been any phone calls asking if the blog is broken.

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