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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tent Sale

This is last years tent sale. Cathy is straightening yarn-what else is new? As you can see we put out lots of yarn for you to go through.

I just sent this to Korey so he can put it on the website so I thought I had better put it here as well.

Tent Sale
St John’s Parish Hall
37 Halson Street, Ancaster

Tuesday July 8 5-9pm
Wednesday July 9 12-8pm
Thursday July 10 9am-3pm

We are moving indoors this year so there are no concerns about the weather. It also gives us room to put out more yarn. We always ran out of parking at the store but we won't have that problem this year.

Get great deals on discontinued yarns, odd balls and yarns we are clearing out.

Colinette $10 a skein
Discontinued Rowan $5 for 50 grams and $10 for 100 grams
Sock yarn
Much, much, much more

Visa, Mastercard, debit and cash

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MadCarlotta said...

Oh, I am soooo there! :)