Saturday, December 15, 2007

Canada is Cold!!

We just returned home from Vegas. The plane landed at 7:30 and I am at work. It could be an interesting day working with no sleep. Sarah was supposed to come in but the roads weren't good on the way home from Toronto with lots of snow falling. Of course, there is nothing yet in Ancaster.

The weather in Vegas was around 50F during the day and 38F at night. Everyone there was complaining but it was balmy for us.

The trip was great. We accomplished nothing but were busy for the whole time.
-We rented a car for two days and did some touring around

-We went to see Love again on Thursday night. The first time we saw the show we were in the second row (section 104). This time we were the fourth row from the back (section 304). Click to see the theatre set up.

-I did some damage at Nordstroms buying 3 pairs of shoes and a pair of boots. I love the shoes that Paul Green makes. I haven't found them in Canada but Nordstroms carries a great selection!!

-We both came home with roughly the same amount of cash that we took. The craps table was very good to both of us.

-I didn't take any knitting with me. I never have time while there to knit so it would have just taken room in the suitcase and we needed all the room coming home. Beth's suitcase weighed 56 lbs and we were going to be charged $50 because it was over weight. She pulled out some stuff (2 pairs of jeans, pair of boots and some books) and got it down to exactly 50lbs. Her knapsack weighed almost that much when it was filled.

It is now Sunday night. I started the post at work yesterday but the store was really busy so I never got to finish it. After work Beth and I went to Jane's for dinner. For those who don't know Jane, she works in the store on Mondays and when I am away. She is also known as Mom #3. We celebrate holidays with her family (husband Bob and two sons Gavin and Peter.) It is always an evening of laughs at the Lowe house. Thankfully the snow didn't start until after we got home. Beth had to drive because I couldn't keep my eyes open.

We woke up this morning to lots of snow. I need to think about bringing some winter clothes to the new house. I don't have boots or a coat or gloves or a scarf. Maybe tomorrow.

How about the Survivor finale? Amanda thought she was all good for winning!!

Off to bed now. I napped twice today but am still far behind in the sleep category!!

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Rhonda said...

Glad you had a good trip! More shoes.............!!!!!