Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Knitting Bags

I received two emails today about knitting bags.

The first was from Jordana Paige. She has a new knitting bag that will be available in July called Bella. The available colours are Pearl and Black Licorice.

There are new colours from Offhand Designs. These will be available in August-just in time for the Knitter's Fair. Here are the ones that are grabbing me. This might be the first booth I visit on Saturday morning!!

After work I had to run and have my nails done for the trip. On the way I stopped at Chapters to get some books-I spent today outside rereading a book and decided that I would like something new. I bought the new Penny Vincenzi book for which I was very excited. For some reason I went on Chapters.ca to look at her list of books to make sure that this was the newest book and it was online for $10 less than in the store. What's that all about? I guess I will be visiting Chapters tomorrow to return the book.


Mrs. R said...

Yeah, books are usually cheaper on line than in store. My routine is to examine the book in store to make my buying decision, then go home and order it on line. The best of both worlds, so to speak :)
The knitting bags look yummy, especially the olive circles one.
Mrs. R., Nova Scotia

Anonymous said...

here's some authors i recommend- phillipa gregory, marian keyes, christopher moore and diana gabaldon. if you have not read diana's outlanger series, you definitely should, they are great!!
have a good trip

Michelle B said...

I love my Offhand Raspberry Swirl bag! That Olive one is calling me and yes, these things are addictive.

Have fun at the show.

Sarah said...

Those bags are way too cute! I know what I will buy when i no longer have to carry a diaper bag around!

Have a great trip!

Ilix said...

Love those bags! Have a great time!

Lynn said...

hey julie! just thought i'd check in to see what's new in your knitting world. i do adore those new bags you've got. they're great!