Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wannietta is a life saver

My absolute favourite sweater in the world is called Patrick. Of all the sweaters I own, this is the one that gets the most comments. It travels everywhere with me-Vegas, California, Myrtle Beach and New Zealand twice. Wannietta knit the sweater for me at least 8 years ago. It is knit out of Rowan Denim (in cream) which could be one of the greatest yarns on earth. I have spilt everything on that sweater and even had a pen explode on it but everything washes out easily. The neck and bottom started to fray. I fixed the neck myself-ripped out a couple of rows and recast off. I kept looking at the bottom but couldn't bring myself to do it. Enter Wannietta-she saved my best friend. Take a look at Wannietta's blog.

Thank you Wannietta-I will be wearing Patrick tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Wannietta!!! It looks great.
p.s. i can talk again

Rhonda said...

Glad to see you have Patrick back.

Unknown said...

I've done it for both my denim sweater & Kerwyn's so it wasn't as emotionally traumatizing as it could have been. LOL I'm glad that you love it so much & can continue to!!