Thursday, April 12, 2007

Newsletter and Rowan Bamboo Tape

How come the hockey games that start late are always better than the early games? I have at least another hour before I can go to bed-hopefully no more overtime tonight.

If you don't receive our newsletter, now might be the time to sign up. The next one (coming out later this week) is a list of yarns that we are selling off.

Here are some pictures that I took at class tonight. Cathy (you might remember her as 'The Neat Freak') just finished this shrug-Akina-out of Rowan Bamboo Tape. Sarah (who works on Saturday and is Cathy's daughter) is modelling for us. Sarah likes it so much that she took yarn to knit it for herself. She said that the yarn is really soft and feels great when you wear it.


Unknown said...

You're on quite the blogging streak!! What exactly did you Mom say to you/threaten you with?!? LOL

Tell Sarah that Akina looks lovely and really suits her!

Michelle said...

Beautiful!!! Is the pattern from the Rowan Bamboo book?

Can't wait for the next newsletter.

Julie said...

Michelle-the pattern is in the Rowan Bamboo magazine.