Saturday, December 16, 2006

Spring Rowan

There are 2 new yarns from Rowan.
Bamboo is a tape yarn with a mini-magazine of patterns to go with the yarn.
Damask is a blend of Linen and Viscose. Patterns for this are in Rowan #41.
There are 6 new colours of Summer Tweed and a new Summer Tweed magazine.
In Handknit cotton DK there are 10 new colours.
Kid Silk Haze has 4 new colours.

There is a new yarn from RYC called Jeans. The name doesn't fit the yarn-it isn't denim coloured. The yarn is an aran weight cotton with marled colours. The cover jacket for the new RY magazine is amazing.
There are new colours of Natural Silk Aran with amazing patterns.

I don't have any pictures but I did see all the new magazines. Lots of great sweaters. They are getting back to the traditional Rowan. Stylish but not wild.

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