Thursday, December 14, 2006


This picture was taken with Photo Booth on my computer. You sit in front of the computer and have your picture taken. I don't have my printer connected to the new computer yet. Once this is done I can download more pictures.

Roko wasn't exactly happy with us for trying to hold his head straight.

In the past week he seems to have given up yarn. Now his love is socks. There are at least 30 dog toys in the apartment but he wants socks!!

Beth and mom are at the airport to pick up dad. They have a bag of sandwiches and treats ready for him. Refried beans at every meal doesn't make him happy.

I saw the spring Rowan last week but have been too busy to comment on it. I did get to see Rowan #41. The sweaters are very 'wearable'. Nothing outlandish. Handknit DK cotton is being used alot in the magazine. I remember there being at least 2 sweaters for men that looked great. Of course I left the notes in the store so I will post these tomorrow.


Samantha said...

Eating socks is better than eating yarn ... still not great, but better! Unless they're handknit socks, then its just as bad. LOL Gotta love puppy business. :)

Rhonda said...

Roko is gorgeous.