Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Progress Made

I finally figured out how to move iTunes to the new computer. Apple won't let you plug your iPod into the new computer and transfer the songs. They figure that you will share the songs with everyone-I guess it's a copyright issue. I had to download my songs onto a flash drive, load them onto the Windows side, copy to the Mac side and then download into iTunes. I now have to plug in my iPod, delete everything from it and then download again.

I also got my Simply Accounting moved over tonight. This is huge because that is the most important thing on my computer.

Tomorrow night will be making the printer work and everything is done!!

If you are thinking of changing to an iMac I would suggest it. Working the Mac and Windows at the same time is great. I would also suggest getting someone to transfer everything over for you!!

I knit about 2 rows on Kilcar today in the store. We received a shipment from Fleece Artist and Hand Maiden so I was busy putting them away. Customers kept coming in as well. I have to chuckle when I am knitting and a customer comes in and says, 'It must be nice to knit all day.' I wish. They are many days when the needles aren't touched.

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