Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More computer fun

I am not a stupid person!! I can find my way around a computer!!

That said, I have spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday playing with this thing. It really isn't too bad but there are some things that could have been explained better. When you read some of the books it is like they are written in Chinese.

I couldn't get the internet hooked up for the life of me. It finally hit me that I needed an Ethernet cable which I didn't have. Of course this was Sunday night after everything was closed. I got the cable yesterday morning and right away I was connected. So simple but so hard.

When you buy a new Mac it has something on it called BootCamp so that you can use both Windows and Mac. To switch between the 2 you must restart your computer. I loaded onto the Windows side all the programs I needed, Word, Simply Accounting, my emails-with address book, etc.

I went to Toronto yesterday afternoon to the Apple store and bought the new Parallels program. This lets me run a Windows window while I am working in Mac. No more restarting the computer. Again, the book was helpful but a few more pages would have made everything very simple. I got it all running but had problems with the Windows window. It was taking up most of my screen and I couldn't do anything to make it smaller. After about 2 hours I started playing with every button and it finally worked. Again so simple but so hard. Now that I am running Parallels, I have to reload all my programs into Windows. Wish I had known this Friday night!!

I am writing this post from the Mac site and the window is a bit different. Just above your post there is a tool bar. The Mac toolbar doesn't have everything that the Windows tool bar has. I will be doing most of Blogger on Windows.

All in all, I am liking the new computer. I think it will take some time to adjust to Mac.

Of course, no knitting has been done. No sleep either.

Gotta run and open the store. I could work on this all day!!

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