Saturday, December 23, 2006

More Christmas and I knit something

These are 2 of the Christmas gifts that I received from Bev. She picked up the sheep on a trip to England. Very fitting with knit vest and golf shoes. I always carry a leather bag at the trade shows so she bought me a new red one. The only problem is that I didn't plan on red for the upcoming show so I have to knit some red to go with the bag. This is going to be tough because we leave for San Diego on January 12-not much time left. I have a scarf planned which will go with my suede jacket and then I am designing a shawl right now.
We received a new yarn in from Gedifra. It is a combination of yarns knotted together. I knit up Sally Melville's Shape it Scarf to see how it would work. I think I should have made the ends shorter but it is done now so it will be wrapped around a couple of times.

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Rhonda said...

LOVE the sheep.