Saturday, December 09, 2006


The commercials finally got me!!! I went out on Wednesday night and looked at an iMac. Thursday morning I was back at BestBuy and purchased the iMac with 24" monitor. It is as big as a tv screen!! I have both Windows and Mac software on the computer.

I want to say that all is going well with the switch but there are a few glitches. Hopefully I will work them out tonight and tomorrow. A trip to the Apple store in Toronto on Monday is going to help as well.

  • my iPod won't load onto the new computer
  • I downloaded our poker account onto the new computer but couldn't remember the password. I sent off an email to get it and my email provider isn't sending it through. Of course you can't phone the poker site. Beth wanted to play this afternoon so there were a few harsh words at our house.
  • I have to remember the rest of my passwords as well. Most of them are saved on the other computer so the program or website just opens up.
  • I need to find out how to get my email addressed out of Outlook and onto the new computer.
  • until I get a program called Parellels, I have to restart the computer to move between Windows and Mac software.
  • I am still getting used to the mouse. There isn't a right and left click which is different.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!

Obviously there will be no knitting done in the next few days. I am almost done the back on Kilcar-should be completed while in the store on Tuesday.

Roko is doing well. He is a clumsy puppy which makes us laugh when watching him play. He can be running along and just fall over.


Unknown said...

If you've been using a password manager in Windows, go to Tools, Options/Preferences then Security. There should be a Passwords button that will show you all of the remembered logins & passwords.

DoreyR said...

Hi! Welcome to the Mac Side :) When you install Parallels, be sure to install the Tools as well. That lets you cut and paste data from one system to the other using the clipboard, and also you can set up a shared folder so you can access a file using both systems.
I've had my iMac at home since June, and one at the office since last Monday. No problems to report.
There is so much more software available for the Mac than the PC - you are in for some fun!
Mrs. R., who lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia but hails from Dundas, Ontario. On my next visit to my parents I hope to pop in to your shop...

Unknown said...

Congrats on Crossing over to a Mac.
you're going to love it. (and really, how did you stand
living in PC world all that time>)

Samantha said...

Our next computer will likely be a Mac. I hope it works out well for you. :)