Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas gifts and more playing with the computer

I forgot to mention a gift from my mom. She is making a scrap book for me and another one for Beth. Unfortunately her printer broke so they weren't done in time. The first page of mine is pictures from my high school and university graduation. It seems so long ago!!! There are some great pictures of us as kids going to Disney, playing baseball and hanging out with our friends.

When I write my newsletter on Constant Contact I can only insert one picture for each topic. Sometimes there is more than one picture that I want to show so today I played with making this happen. There is software that can be purchased to do this for Windows but I didn't want to buy anything else for the computer right now so I did some research and figured this out. On the Mac side I add the pictures to a program called Pages. Then I save them as a pdf file. From there I can transfer them to a jpeg file and voila-now I have one picture but it has many pictures in it. This is a sample showing some of the new garments from the spring Debbie Bliss magazine called Summer Essentials. This magazine uses her Pure Silk, Cashmerino Baby, Cotton Cashmere and Cotton DK.

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Rhonda said...

Me thinks we like the new Debbie Bliss!