Monday, October 30, 2006

Pictures for Mom

My dad is home from Myrtle Beach for a couple of days to attend some business meetings. Mom stayed in Myrtle with the dogs. We have a rule that she must call when she leaves the house and again when she returns. This way we can keep track of her!!! Dad will see the truck tonight at dinner but mom won't see it for a couple more weeks so here are some pictures for her.

If you look at it by itself it looks white but if it is sitting beside a white car, you can see that it is the colour of white chocolate.
One really cool thing is that the back door can be opened with the key fob. You press a button and it opens up-great for when your hands are full.
I couldn't get too close for pictures of the front because I drove it to Toronto today. I have a bit of a lead foot so there are a few bugs splattered on the front-it is going to have its first car wash tomorrow morning.

Not much knitting to report. Just working on my Noro sweater-mindless work in stocking stitch.


Unknown said...

Worth the wait Julie - it's hot!!! Got it dirty already; it might be a long winter. lol

Theresa said...

Hi Julie.
Fun to read your updates and see pics. Your Lizard Ridge quilt will be beautiful when it's done!
:) Theresa.

Rhonda said...

It's gorgeous. Love the white too.