Saturday, February 04, 2006

Colour chosen and Olympic knitting

Thanks for your comments on the colours. I think that I will be going with the rust. Did get some more knitting done on it today-almost to the neck shaping on the Manos.

Now my problem is what to knit for the Knitting Olympics. Was going to do a Rowan sweater in Biggy Print. Quick and guaranteed to get it done. Over dinner tonight Beth said that I should find something that will be a challenge. The Olympics isn't for taking the easy way out so I shouldn't do that with my project. Tomorrow afternoon will be spent going through patterns. Unfortunately I start a project as soon as the yarn comes into the store if I like it. This really cuts down on my options.

I saw the doctor on Thursday and was sent right away for head and chest X-rays. She was afraid that I might have pneumonia. Those tests came back negative. I am also having a CT scan on Tuesday to see what is up with my sinuses. It is a good thing that we might get an answer soon and they can fix it.

I will be watching the Super Bowl tomorrow (I guess it is now tonight). Hopefully it will be more exciting than the playoffs.


Samantha said...

Woohoo! The rust is awesome!

I hope you figure out why you've been so sick soon. I'll miss you at the meeting on Tuesday.

Julie said...

I might be there-it will depend on what happens at the hospital. Can you bring your camera?