Thursday, February 23, 2006

65 hours and counting

The countdown has begun.

Today wasn't very productive but knitting class was. I didn't answer any questions and just sat there sewing together. Not really but it sounds good. Both front bands are done, one sleeve is sewn in and one side seam is done. I should get the rest sewn together tomorrow. A really big snow storm tonight would be nice-that would give me lots of time to finish.

On the front one band looks wavy. It really isn't but I was trying to get a picture quickly and didn't lie it out flat. So far I am happy with how it looks but I am praying that the collar will sit properly.


AJ said...

Very beautiful. I'm jealous that I'm not nearly done with my K.O. project!

Cynthia said...

Julie it looks amazing!! You rock chick - I am rooting for you! I keep checking your blog to see how far along you are (of course realizing that blogging takes up valuable knitting time!); keep it up!

Samantha said...

Julie, you're doing great!! You still have lots of time ... No worries! :)