Thursday, December 03, 2015

Colinette Throw Kits

If you've been in the store lately you know that we're a bit full. Okay, bursting at the seams. I walked through the store this morning and decided that we needed to clear out some things. We could wait until Boxing Week but I'm marking down the Colinette Throw Kits now. These will make a great gift - for you to make for someone or for yourself. These kits contain Colinette's amazing hand dyed yarns - mohair, boucle, ribbon and chenille. We have samples in the store and they are beautiful when knit up.

There are two kits available.

Here at Colinette we believe that colours, like us, are social. In the right company they truly come alive and become something greater than they were alone. It's not just our vivid hand dyed shades that make the Arizona Dream kit so stunning, but the way those hues dance with our lush offerings of yarn and texture; elevating the entire experience. We have picked sumptuous fibers like our mohair, wool and viscose and combined them so that with just a little effort you can make a masterpiece. Colour becomes so much more with our blends of texture, luster and tone.
The Arizona Dream kits are on sale for $172.50. You can purchase in the store or online.

The Ab Fab kits are on sale for $180.
The Ab Fab Kit includes instructions for all four styles of knitted throws, 1 crocheted throw, and 1 knitted shawl. Kit also includes enough yarn to knit your choice of one of those styles. Fibers used are a mixture of wool, cotton, viscose, and mohair.
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kelly said...

Hello, What is the difference in the two kits - is it just the size?

They are both beautiful and I can't decide which way to go.