Friday, January 14, 2011

every last yard

Yesterday mom and dad journeyed back to Myrtle Beach.  They arrived late last night to find out that only half of their house had heat. Fortunately for them their bedroom is in the lucky half with heat.  You might be asking why they would need heat in South Carolina but it is only going to be 6 there today.

While I was away Cathy unpacked two huge boxes from madelinetosh. A mistake was made in my order and a few colours were sent twice. Until now I haven't knit a sample in any of the madelinetosh yarns because it is a wait to get the yarn replaced.  Now we have enough to do a sample in tosh dk.  A box is going out tomorrow to Wannietta-she is almost done her current project and will be calling any day for yarn.  :)

every last yard is a pattern by Amy Swenson (indigirl on Ravelry)

From Amy's website
I’m famous for not buying enough of a given yarn. Sometimes the shop only has a few skeins left. Other times, I’m hopelessly optimistic about how far the yardage will take me.
I designed Every Last Yard to make the most of whatever yarn you choose. A few design features help create more fabric from a smaller amount of yarn. I chose a superwash worsted yarn, knit deliberately a little loose to take advantage of superwash’s ability to grow a little when washed. The lace patterning is repetitive enough to look perfect no matter which row you cast off on.
Knit entirely without finishing details from the neck down, Every Last Yard is completely finished when you cast off that final stitch; no need to preserve yarn for working borders or edgings. Short sleeves or long, hip length or waist length; it’s all up to the yarn you’ve got to use.

Now the decision will be the colour which wasn't much of a decision because I chose Tart.

We carry many of Amy's patterns in the store and if there is one you want that I don't have then I can order it for you.

It is time to get back to my knitting.  My goal is to get the Hitchhiker scarf done by the end of the weekend.  Can I do it?  There are four football games over the weekend and many episodes of the Y&R to catch up on.

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Unknown said...

Can't wait & Tart looks like just the right colour to put a pit of oomph in the January blahs!!