Saturday, June 05, 2010

Boheme Part Three is Done

While I was away Boheme laid on my bathroom floor blocking.  The buttons were just sewn on (by me) and it looks great.

Many customers come in and tell me that they are afraid to block.  All I did was soak the sweater in Soak for ten minutes.  I gently squished the sweater to get most of the water out and then laid it on towels to dry. Nothing special.  Not too hard.

I had to take a picture of our bathroom in NY.  In the corner there is a small TV.  Watching ESPN in the morning while getting ready was great!!

The Kureyon got the better of me today and I have cast on another square for the Log Cabin Afghan.  I am not far enough for a picture but will take one tomorrow.

My dad's birthday was this week so tonight we are going to Turtle Jack's for birthday dinner with some of their friends.  Then back to our house for cake.  Bea makes the best cakes!!  

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