Thursday, February 05, 2009

Calling all Y&R Fans

Yesterday afternoon I turned on the TV and watched the Y&R. I haven't watched in a while and wanted to catch up on Katherine. Boy was I shocked to see that Brad had died. Well, my interest was piqued so I watched again today. Colleen was talking and said that her dad had been a Navy Seal. Does anyone remember this? I remember when he came to work for the Abbott's as a gardener and am fairly sure there was never any talk about the Navy.

Every so often I go through a period where I don't want to knit. I think that period is over and I am ready to knit again. Last night while watching American Idol I picked up the Log Cabin Afghan. I continued knitting through the new show Lie To Me. What a great show. It stars Tim Roth and I would highly recommend it. He is a doctor (psychologist maybe?) and is able to tell when people are lying and is hired to do this (last night in a murder investigation and also to investigate the crash of a NASA airplane). Each show is its own episode so you can miss a week and aren't really missing anything.

I finished attaching four of the five squares in this strip. Today in the store I finished that strip and finished four of five of the next strip. I'm hurrying with my post so I can go watch Hell's Kitchen and knit. Now that I am knitting again I can't stop!!

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Unknown said...

Wasn't that flashback to Tracy & Brad the pool boy weird - I totally remembered it!!
I love Lie to Me - I hope it lasts.