Thursday, July 19, 2018

You're never too old

The Open started today - golf for those of you who don't follow sports. I was up at 5:15 to watch. I still haven't picked up the second sleeve on my Comfort Fade Cardi so I was knitting away on Fading Point. Then I had a small cry. My last two colours are too close. And I am finished the first side. The second side is only at the third colour so I'm going to use a different fourth colour on this side to see how it looks. Then I'll have to rip out the first side. :(

Lynn's comment "it must really be off if you are going to rip out - you don't rip out" She's right. I don't but I will this time.

Here are some pretty pictures from Mrs. Crosby. The new colours for fall.

I stopped and had breakfast with dad on the way to work. He's normally out of the house at 6:30 and off to Toronto. He wasn't feeling well this morning (he's okay, it was his excuse for staying home and watching the golf). I gave my gardens a good water when I got to the store. My hostas are so big and can't seem to get enough water. Then I had an idea. That always means trouble.
We're hanging Hedgehog Skinny Singles. This is a much better way to show off the colours. There is one small flaw in my plan. The grid can't hold all the colours. The more solid colours will live on the shelf beside the grid.
So this opened a can of worms. Now we are moving more and more things. Lynn is joking that I need to wake up early every morning.

Lynn and Alex did a great job getting all the Hedgehog rearranged. Tomorrow Lynn and I need find a home for some other yarns but this section looks good.
Diana finished Sandscape (pattern purchased on Ravelry). It is awesome. We used a Fading Point kit from Autumn and Indigo. 34 Autumn Rose. There was enough yarn left over that she is going to knit Free Your Fade. We are going to have a 5 colour version.

Lucy came for a visit and was really thirsty. She loves water.
I like to play in the water too. I was making rainbows with the water sprinkler this morning. You're never too old to play in the sprinkler.

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