Monday, July 23, 2018

Travel Project

Saturday afternoon I am flying to Myrtle Beach for a few days. I need to run a few errands there. That sentence sounds funny. I need to meet with our phone/TV/Internet/security company. It's time to upgrade a few things and I have to be there in person to do it. I need to do some banking as well.

What knitting do I take?

My Comfort Fade Cardi (I'm doing the second sleeve tomorrow) is too big to take.

Fading Point is too large for knitting on the plane. I'm almost finished the second half and will be joining. That means taking two pieces of knitting and four balls of yarn.

I've been looking at Time Trades for a long time.
It is knit with 2 full skeins of fingering weight and a mini skein kit. I'm going to use two colours of Life in the Long Grass. Pressed Flowers and Barefoot. I'm adding a Fino Mini Skein kit in the colour Beatrix.

Today was filled with errands including meeting my dad at the store. We are making some storage shelves in the book area. Everything has been measured and we're finishing in the morning. That means early to the store. Which means heading to bed now.

I've been tracking a lot of boxes today. The box from Meadowcroft Dyeworks is arriving tomorrow. Lots of Rockshelter Sock.

The first box from Hedgehog Fibres is still caught in Canada Customs. The next two boxes have left Heathrow and will be arriving in Canada tomorrow. Fingers crossed they make it through Customs quickly.

Knit kits were released from Customs and we'll see them this week. We have purple and teal arriving.
And the last box for this week. Long Dog should be coming on Friday.

Now I really need to get to sleep.

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