Sunday, July 29, 2018

Primrose Adelaide

Time Trades is growing. It would be further if I didn't have a really long afternoon nap today. The third colour is showing a bit more red/burgundy than it is. That's what happens when you take pictures at 11pm inside.

Wednesday afternoon I received a surprise email. Primrose Adelaide is ready and on the way to us. That was so quick. I didn't think we would see the yarn until late August. According to UPS we should see the yarn on Tuesday.
Dirty Pool Toys
Jungle Bungalow
Just For Kicks
-Fingering weight  
-100% Superwash merino  
-435 yards / skein  
-single ply  
-115 gram skein
I have my laptop with me and will try and get the yarn on the website before I get home. Try. I can't wait to see the colours in real life. I have images in my head of Istanbul and Moonstone together for a Time Trades.

Now I must get to sleep. I have a repair man coming at 9am. I need to get to breakfast and back before he gets here. Yes, I could make breakfast. I have a full kitchen. But, I don't have groceries. Cracker Barrel does a much better job with French Toast than I can.

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