Wednesday, July 25, 2018

It's Here

I came to work early thinking that I was going to knit. Wrong. Mr. Canada Post followed me up the driveway with three boxes.

The missing Hedgehog has arrived. YAY!!! The new colours of Sock look great. This is our newest Potluck - 1640.

Beach Bunny, Gossip and Sorbet.

Hawk and Deep End Kidsilk Lace.

Spincycle arrived. A restock of Dyed in the Wool and the new Dream State. It is beautiful. Lynn ripped the box from hands to look at it. She is dying (HA HA) to knit with the Dream State.

We've been putting together colour combinations for Dream State and Woolstok. I'm going to send yarn to Lynda today so that she can start a sweater for the Knitters' Fair.

Lynn is going to knit Humulus (picture on the left). She's still playing with colours. Lynda is going to knit Tensho as our store sample (picture on the right). We're going to use Midnight Sea (dark navy/almost black) as our back ground and Mississippi Marsala as the contrast.
Here are some combinations that we put together for Lynn.

Sarah's Comfort Fade Cardi is growing. She's onto the sleeves. The colour is fabulous.

We already have so many pictures today that I'm saving my newest project until tomorrow. Andrea stopped in this afternoon and brought a finished shawl. It's beautiful and will be the star of tomorrow's post. We just finished Big Brother and now we're watching The Great British Baking Show. More knitting time :)

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