Saturday, July 21, 2018

Finished Projects

Linda finished her Fading Point. Oh my goodness. I want!!! Do you know the IKEA commercial where the wife is yelling 'Start the car!'? I wanted to yell that and take off with the shawl.

Her colours are
Uschitita Days Like This - we are out of this colour but Primrose Adelaide Thrash looks good with the other colours
Skinny Singles Dove
Uschitita Vanilla Sky
Skinny Singles Monarch
Fuse 2020 (one of our one of a kind colours)

I had my post almost finished (it's only 11:30 but I've been here since 8:30) and Linda came in. Change of plans. I'm saving today's post for tomorrow.

Then Cathy sent an email from the cottage.
She finished a 3 Color Cashmere Cowl. The yarn is a Party of Five kit from SweetGeorgia. This colourway isn't available yet. It's new for fall and I was able to get a kit at TNNA. We should have the new colours at the end of August.
Here is my second cottage finish. I used the Sweet Georgia kit you gave me. I adjusted some of the pattern sections to accommodate the amount of yarn in each colour but the number of rows are pretty close to the original pattern. 
I have a feeling that Cathy isn't going to get to wear this. Sarah might pack it in her suitcase and take it home. And if Sarah doesn't take it I will.

My post was finished and scheduled when Kathy came in with an amazing shawl.
This is Find Your Fade knit with a special kit from Meadowcroft Dyeworks. The yarn is called Silk Traveler. It is 70% superwash merino and 30% silk. I ordered the kit because I loved the colours. When I blogged about it Kathy came in and grabbed it. I'm glad she did. It would still be in a bag at my house and the yarn is so beautiful it needs to be shown off.

I thought I was finished and Jean came in with her Rainbows in the Gorge. She was unsure about her finishing. She did an amazing job. The back is grafted. From top to bottom and it is perfect!
This is a Cheshire Cat So Fond of Rainbows Kit. The colour Jean used is Spectrum of Moonlight.
Thanks Linda, Cathy, Kathy and Jean for sharing. You made today's post easy. And really pretty!

I thought about saving some pictures for tomorrow but I couldn't wait to show of these beautiful projects.

Dad and Lucy came for a visit. I'm not sure that this looks comfortable but Lucy was happy.

Golf is on the TV in the store. I was texting Beth about it while writing my post and this is what I got back.

I hope the puppy is a little less stubborn than Lucy.

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Love it. You are so talented and creative. :)))))