Sunday, July 15, 2018

Chevron Shenanigans

©Stephen West
I am obsessed with Chevron Shenanigans (pattern purchased on Ravelry) by Stephen West. Thank you Stephen for letting me share your pictures.

©Stephen West
Select a palette of fading colors to knit this top-down garter stitch shawl. Short rows with chevrons create the unique asymmetrical shape. The small size features four colors and the large size uses five colors fading from light to dark. I-cord edges decorate the clean lines of this classic Westknits shawl.
There are two sizes available.

Yarn: Fingering Weight
Yardage: Small Size with 4 colors 
Color A - 200 yds / 183m 
Color B - 390 yds / 357m 
Color C - 370 yds / 338m 
Color D - 250 yds / 229m
Large Size with 5 colors 
Color A - 130 yds / 119m 
Color B - 320 yds / 293m 
Color C - 395 yds / 361m 
Color D - 380 yds / 347m 
Color E - 220 yds / 201m 
Take a look at the finished projects on Ravelry. It is going to be hard to choose colour combinations. Bright? Purples? Subtle? Greys?
I emailed Stephen for permission to use his pictures - I always ask before using someone else's photos. He gave permission (as long as credit is given) which makes me happy.

We are going to have a busy week next week. There will be a box coming from Meadowcroft Dyeworks (possibly Tuesday but probably Wednesday). Lots of Rockshelter Sock. New colours of Rockshelter Sock.

The first sleeve is almost finished. I'm heading to the store in the morning to water the flowers and wash the floors. Then I have the afternoon to knit.

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