Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Frolic

We had an awesome day. Thank you Sarah and Lynn for all your help. Wannietta came a bit later and missed our picture. She was a great help as always. Craig (her significant other) brought us an afternoon tea which got us to the finish line. Then we made him help us take down the booth. Beth helped with set up and take down and Cathy held down the fort in the store.

Thank you to the Frolic Committee and volunteers for putting on another great show.

Yes, I am very tired. We have had dinner and now are getting ready to go out out. There is a surprise 50th birthday party for our friend Jen. I don't think we will be there for very long.

I want to sit and knit tonight. Being around all the yarn today has my fingers itching.


Debbie E. said...

Looks like a great event, sorry I missed it this year. What is the name of the shawl in the fourth photo, think it ends with "ara"?

Julie said...

Hi Debbie
It is the Bambara Wrap by Ambah O'Brien. The pattern is a fun knit.

arlene said...

Could you please tell me what shawl/scarf that Sarah is wearing in the first photo. I have a serious love for stripes as well as hot pink/black/and white combinations. Thanks for your help. Arlene

Julie said...

Arlene - Sarah is wearing Assana by Ambah O'Brien. She used Hedgehog Sock for her scarf.