Saturday, April 21, 2018

Started planning for next year

Thanks to all who visited for LYS Day. It was crazy busy all day and we had fun. I have some ideas running through my head for next year. I am going to put these into motion after the Frolic.
I have to show Julie Ann's work. She came in wearing Squared (pattern free on Ravelry). She was lucky that I let her leave in Squared. I almost tackled her and took it :) Now I know that I need to make it.

She used Hedgehog Skinny Singles.
Sorry Not Sorry

The border is Petrol.
Simple modular poncho design with an applied i-cord border. No need to pick up stitches all the way around, yay! You will be holding two strands of different colours for a marled effect. The poncho is knitted in sections that are attached as you go. Easy and fun project, incorporating lots of different colours of fingering weight, so go dive into that stash!

The cupcakes were a big hit. I promise to make sure we have them earlier next year. Now I'm going to put my feet up and knit a few rows. I hope to make it to the next colour before bed but I have a feeling that I will be sleeping sooner rather than later.

Tomorrow is going to be about resting and then Monday the packing starts for the Frolic.

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Julie Ann said...

Thanks Julie for a great visit. Cupcakes were amazing and your yarns always. Finally a perfect day to wear my Hedgehog Fibres Poncho!