Thursday, April 26, 2018

Packed and ready to go

It's a cheerful day today. The sun is shining. My flowers are growing. We are packing bright yarn for the Frolic. This is the Sonoma Scarf knit in Freia Shawl Ball.

The front room is command centre for packing today. We set up the table for LYS Day and have used it this week. It'll be gone tomorrow and the store will be back to normal.

Baskets are coming to the show.
These baskets have leather handles, are moth proofed and won't snag.

We have more Fading Point kits. These are going to the Frolic but don't worry - we are leaving some kits in the store so Cathy has them for Friday and Saturday.

Here are three of the kits that we are leaving in the store. We have dark, light, bright, pastel. Something for everyone.

There wasn't a lot of knitting last night. I have 8 more rows of garter stitch plus 16 rows of lace and then I get to start the next colour. I'm going to knit for an hour and then bed.

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