Friday, April 13, 2018

I had to

I couldn't help myself. I had to cast on last night. Here is my Fading Point. I stayed up knitting much later than I had planned. I want a nap :)
Joji writes a fabulous pattern that is very easy to follow. There are charts and written instructions for the lace sections.

Gail sent a picture of her Shift yesterday morning. We love sharing customers finished projects.
I just wanted to show you my finished shift. This was a great project - great pattern, lovely yarn and great finished product. Very satisfying. My yarn colours are Dead Reckoning, Melancholia and Wallflower, although now I don’t know which is which.  
I think I may have to make another!

There will be new madelinetosh colours coming for fall. I saw these today and did an order really fast. There will be 21 colours of tosh merino light and 15 colours of tosh dk. These won't be here until July but I was very excited.

When I go to TNNA in June I will be ordering the new colours on other bases.

Beth is on the golf course this afternoon. The course is called The Heritage and it is beautiful. She met a few new friends.

She's finished and shot 84. Here are our texts from earlier today.

Hamilton Weather Watch
Right now we have a freezing rain warning for tomorrow. Who knows what will really happen but I don't like ice. I'm glued to the Weather Network. I am my father's daughter - he loves watching the weather. Beth was supposed to fly home from Myrtle Beach tomorrow and I was going to pick her up in Niagara Falls. She changed her ticket until Monday. Good for her. Extra golf. More warm weather.

If it's really bad in the morning we might be opening late. If it is bad tomorrow afternoon we might be closing early. Please call if you're coming from out of town.

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Julie Ann said...

Oooh! Night in Chile is amazing.