Sunday, April 15, 2018

Great day to knit

Roko and I were up early this morning. He wanted out and I decided to start my day. They keep saying that we could lose power so I wanted to do as much as possible while we still have electricity. Tea has been made. Every 1/2 hour I reboil the water in the kettle just to make sure I have boiling water if we go dark. We've had breakfast. Devices are getting charged.

I worked on a newsletter. I think it is finished and Beth will proofread it tomorrow.

Don't forget about LYS Day on Saturday. Our hours for LYS Day will be 9am-4pm.

I have been working on the special LYS Day kit from Trendsetter. I was going to make the shawl using 2 kits but I think that one kit is more than big enough. I have 6 rows to go but I really need to get back to Fading Point. I'll finish this later.

Why did I have to get back to Fading Point? I was at the first colour transition. I'm past it and into the second colour. It's hard to see which is the point :)

Mr. Roko was loving the weather today. Thank goodness my winter coat has a hood because I spent time outside playing. 
I don't think Lucy likes the new couch.

Now it's time for dinner and a bit more knitting. There was a nap this afternoon so I'm ready for a few more hours - as long as I have light I'm good.

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