Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Dyed in the Wool

I spend a lot of time each day tracking parcels. I'm not a patient person and I want my yarn now :)

A box of Dyed in the Wool from Spincycle Yarns just cleared customs in BC. We should see it early next week.
There are some interesting new colours on the way.
The color transitions are slow and dramatic, and each skein is unique. 

When it arrives we will have fun making kits for The Shift.

We did a bunch of rearranging in the store today. We're getting ready for LYS Day. We have tried to put most of the sale yarns in the same section to make life easier.
All the Malabrigo is together. A very pretty wall of colour.
More pretties that will be on sale.

Speaking of LYS Day, Bronwyn (Casapinka on Ravelry) has a new shawl design. Purchase two skeins of fingering weight yarn in the store on Saturday, April 21 and we will give you the code to download a free copy of the pattern.
The Local Yarn Shawl is an asymmetrical triangular shawl consisting of simple lace and slipped stitch patterns. The pattern is written for two sizes: Small and Large. The small shawl only consists of one color but in a gradient if desired; while the large shawl uses two contrasting or “blendy” colors. Directions are provided below for both shawl sizes; when only one set of directions is provided, it applies to both the small and large shawls. When a color is specified for a specific section, it only applies to the large-size shawl. No color is specified for the small-size shawl since you are only using one color throughout. If you are using a semi-solid/solid and a variegated/speckled yarn combination, it is recommended that you use the semi-solid/solid as Color A and the variegated/speckled yarn as Color B

Beth is very excited. She has wifi in Myrtle Beach again. They had to move the TV outlet across the room for the new TV and when the electrician did this it cut the wifi. Our cable company brought the HD box for the new TV and now everything works.
It's time to sign off. There are two hockey games and a baseball game on. And Survivor starts in 5 minutes.

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