Thursday, April 05, 2018


Ambah has a new pattern. Meet Correa (pattern purchased on Ravelry)
The native Australian Correa plant produces beautiful bell flowers in pale pink to deep orange to carmine. These same gorgeous shades in Waratah yarn from Black Wattle Alpaca Yarn and Fibre inspired me to create this airy asymmetrical wrap. Two top-down triangles are worked with simple lace and contrasting garter stitch then are grafted together and finished with an i-cord edge. In bold colours or easy-to-wear neutrals, Correa is geometric and modern, versatile and fun to wear: fold it and wear it close to be cosy in the cool months, or drape it dramatically over your bare shoulders for a special summer occasion.
You need 4 colours of fingering weight for the shawl and it takes 320m of each colour.

I'm a little tired today. I was up at 3:30 to make sure that Beth was awake and ready to go. By the time dad picked her up and I was back in bed it was close to 4:30. Then I tossed and turned thinking about the Knitters Frolic. What are we going to take? How are we going to set up the booth? Finally I started counting sheep. Yup, it works.

I have been emailing with Steffi at Uschitita and we are hoping to have our shipment here in time for LYS Day.

I won't know what colours are coming until they arrive but we all know that they will be beautiful!
I'm at home with Roko, sitting at the dining room table updating the website and watching The Masters. I always feel guilty when I'm not in the store but I am doing work.

Quick update on shipments. Hedgehog is in Canada. Now it needs to clear customs. Maybe we'll see it on Tuesday or Wednesday. The box of Atenti Bags has been released by customs. Maybe tomorrow but probably on Tuesday.

I should have finished my post earlier but ran out for dinner and to the grocery store. Dad, Beth and Lucy made it safely to Myrtle Beach. They are really tired and heading to bed soon. I'm really tired and heading to bed soon :)

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