Saturday, April 07, 2018

Autumn and Indigo

I ordered new yarn this week. It won't be here until June but I wanted to share. I'm very excited.

Autumn and Indigo
Hi! I'm Claire, and I'm the maker and designer behind Autumn and Indigo. I'm a single mom of 2 littles (8 & 11), and an Aussie named Finn.  This is my full-time hustle.  
I've had a passion for fiber arts and knitwear for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until about 7 years ago that I actually picked up the hook and some cheap yarn and decided to give it a go and I just never put it down! I added knitting to my line-up about 3 years ago, and I love all the textures that can be made with 2 needles and a strand of yarn. 
Since then, I've recently started dyeing yarn, and I seriously can't look back. Dyeing yarn is a collaboration of my free spirit, love for creativity, color play, and so much more. It's definitely the fulfillment of fiber + creative arts all thrown into one.
We will have kits for the Comfort Fade Cardi.

There are 12 kits coming in this shipment including teal, denim, purple and grey. Claire will be putting together beautiful combinations. I also asked Claire to surprise me with three more kits in whatever she wants to make.

The kits will be in the medium/large size. Claire said those sell the best. If you are making a larger size, we have extra skeins coming. Or you can make up your own combination with the extra skeins.
She is also dying us fingering weight yarn in single ply for Joji's new Fading Point. There will be purple (like the picture), teal, denim and then kits of Claire's choice.

We have individual skeins of fingering weight in single ply coming that will include

I would have liked to order more. I could have easily ordered more. This is my first order and it's kind of the test run. We'll see how the shipping goes. We'll see how quickly the order comes. Some dyers promise dates and then we wait. And wait. And for some we wait even longer. If it goes smoothly then I will definitely be ordering more. Claire's colours are awesome!

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