Monday, December 11, 2017

Snow :(

I took my knitting outside thinking that I could get a picture in the natural light. It was very dark light. And the snow has started. My knitting doesn't have white spots.
Our guests just left so it's going to be a short post. I'm exhausted and it's time for bed. We had a great dinner. Lucy came too and I totally forgot to get a picture. I'll get one in the next few days before she heads to Myrtle Beach. Mom and dad are going back for a few months. Why stay here in the snow?

I found a few pictures from Vegas that I didn't share. These are from the arena. There is a balcony where they set up bars and games like corn hole and super size jenga.
This is The Park. It is between the Monte Carlo, the arena and New York, New York. For Christmas they set up a huge Christmas tree, food trucks and a skating rink. The area is hopping before a hockey game.

There was a reason for the trip to Vegas. We went for my birthday. When I put my players card into a slot machine, this is what came across the screen to me.

I'm going to knit a few rows and then bed. I need to let my dinner settle a bit. Why do you always eat too much at a dinner party?


Candice said...

A Sagittarius?! Me, too.

Julie said...

Candice - Have a happy birthday :)

Alex said...

Ambah's patterns are so good, that is a generous discount from her for your lucky customers. Thank you.