Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sister Rosetta

Thank you Kate Atherley. Rosetta Tharpe is one of the most beautiful shawl patterns I have ever seen. Kate had it at Camp a few years ago and I really, really need it!!!
 From Kate:
In honour of Sister Rosetta's Induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, I am offering a FREE! download of the shawl pattern I named for her. (Valid until end of Sunday.)

We're working on Boxing Week. First you need to know our hours.

Christmas Hours
Saturday December 23 10-4
Sunday December 24 Closed
Monday December 25 Closed
Tuesday December 26 Closed
Wednesday December 27 10-5:30
Thursday December 28 10-5:30
Friday December 29 10-5:30
Saturday December 30 10-4
Sunday December 31 Closed
Monday January 1 Closed
Tuesday January 2 10-5:30

Boxing Week
Spend $150 in the store (December 27-December 30) and we will give you a one-time coupon to use between January 1 and March 31, 2018 for 20% off your purchase (regular priced items).

Spend $150 online (December 26-December 31) and we will give you a one-time coupon code to use between January 1 and March 31, 2018 for 20% off your purchase (regular priced items).

For every $100 you spend in the store or online between December 26 and December 31, 2017 your name will be entered into a draw. We will draw on Tuesday, January 2.

First prize - a set of Lykke interchangeable needles. You choose the colour from available stock - Indigo, Umber, Black or Grey. If you don't live in the area we will mail them anywhere in North America.
Second prize - a brand new Maker's Keep from Cocoknits. Our shipment is on the way. If the shipment is delayed, we will get it to you as soon as they arrive. You choose your colour.
Keep your metal bits and tools close at hand with the Maker's Keep. 
The silicone slap bracelet sports a brushed steel-plated magnet, has measuring lines for inches and centimeters on the underside, and fits any size wrist. 
Originally designed to hold our row counter, stitch markers, and yarn snips — any steel accessories will cling to the magnet, so it is perfect for makers of all kinds. Knitters, sewists, hair and clothing stylists, fly fishers, or weekend warriors will all find it handy to keep nails, screws, pins and endless small items close at hand while creating.

I was having a really good day. I ran out to Staples for some supplies for the store. Then I went to Mark's Work Wearhouse to look for something for my dad. When I parked, there were no cars on either side of me. When I came out of the store, this is what I saw. I am driving the Blue Edge.
I couldn't get in the driver's door because the side mirror on the white car was in the way. I waited and waited. I tried climbing in through the passenger side. My body doesn't fold up enough to make that an option. Finally the lady came out.
I'm asking everyone to be considerate at the mall. Please park in your own spot. It makes everyone's life much better :)

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