Friday, December 29, 2017


We received a shipment of mitt kits from Fleece Artist. There are two different kits and both are extremely warm. Something we need this week.
Soft Mitts
The softest mitts you will every wear. 
You hold one strand of mohair with a strand of wool. The pattern is super easy and they look great.

I asked Fleece Artist to send me a variety of colourways and then did a great job.

Thrum Mitts
Our best selling kit for nearly 15 years.  Thrumming is an old technique that is just so much fun. By pulling small tufts of sliver, these are knit into a garment creating a fuzzy warm layer on the inside and irresistible polka dots on the outside.
 Head on over to the Yarn Harlot's blog - she did a great post on Thrum Mitts.

Another Find Your Fade kit. I promised something a little less bright.

Beth and I just got home from dinner with dad. We had a good evening and now it's time for Top Chef and a few rows of knitting.

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