Friday, December 22, 2017

Kinetic Cowl

I ended up knitting the cowl last night. Once I got started I didn't give it up. The yarn is really nice to knit with. And the colours are so bold.

We had a very sad situation while I was knitting. The first skein was done and I went to wind the second skein. It's only 60m so I was doing it by hand. I knocked over a full cup of tea. On the yarn. All over the floor. All over other knitting projects. We got it cleaned up but my skein was tangled. I had already cut the knots before the accident and then I threw it when the tea spilled.

We had yarn all around the main floor of the house. It's untangled and I was set to knit again.
The cowl (another Darn Knit Kinetic Cowl) is finished and I love it. I used 2 skeins of Chunky in the colour Moonlit. After the cowl was finished I was able to get the Urth Yarns on the website.

I forgot to mention something about Urth Yarns yesterday. They plant a tree for every skein sold in partnership with Trees for the Future. What a great cause. You can read more about it here.

Now it's back to Match & Move with skinny needles.

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Diane said...

OMGosh! Such bright and happy colours!!! Hope the tea didn't damage anything!
Merry Christmas!