Sunday, December 31, 2017

Goodbye 2017

I've been going through pictures on my computer and here are a few of my finished projects from 2017.
Ambah O'Brien's Bambara Wrap.

Ambah's Xanthe.

Stephen West's Building Blocks.

Free Your Fade

Find Your Fade #1

Find Your Fade #2

There are quite a few projects behind my knitting chair that are almost finished. I'm going to have a lot of new shawls in 2018. In three weeks I'm heading to Las Vegas for a trade show to see the new yarns and accessories for spring. Now I need to figure out which shawls I want to finish first so that I can take them.

This is a great one. My parents, Aunt Rene, Uncle Bob, Mark and Darlene with Nancy and Johnny Bower. This picture was from September 2009. Johnny was a guest at the charity dinner for Honduras.

Happy New Years Eve!!

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