Thursday, August 17, 2017

Show and Tell

Alex has started my Dotted Rays, Speckled Fade. I love it. I think she should forget about sleeping until it's finished :)
She knit a baby blanket for a friend and then made this little guy to go along with the gift. The Monkey Jacobus (pattern purchased on Ravlery) is so cute. The pattern is very well written and he's easier to knit than you think.

My blog post got even easier when Heather and Debbie dropped in today. Thanks ladies for sharing your projects.
A bag (from Hedgehog) filled with two Find Your Fades and one So Faded.
Heather's Find Your Fade. Very delicate and very pretty.
Debbie's Find Your Fade. It started to rain so I rushed. The picture doesn't do her shawl justice. I hope she'll bring it back on her next visit so I can try again. Or take it :)
What do you do with the leftovers? A So Faded sweater. This shows the colours better.

Rowan #62 arrived this afternoon. I didn't have time to open it. Tomorrow morning with a cup of tea.
North Sea by Marie Wallin was also in the box.

Now it's time for laundry. I'm flying to Vegas on Saturday night after the store closes. I'll be back Tuesday evening (that is why the store is closed on Tuesday) and will be back to work on Wednesday.  This is going to be a new adventure for me - I'm going to pack in my carry on bag. No suitcase. I don't know what I'll do if I buy shoes while I'm there :)


Laura said...

Their projects are beautiful! Love the colors.

Seajaes said...

Here's the deal with carry on. Wear something on first day on plane you can rinse out before bed first night. Then you need less clothes. More room for knitting. Trust me. I've gone 3 weeks with carry on and still take knitting. Cram yarn in purse. Can always buy clothes if desperate in vegas. But I've never bought clothes.