Sunday, February 05, 2017

Super Sunday

Lynda has been busy working a Linen Stitch Scarf for me. She's using Mechita from Malabrigo.
We decided on doing the scarf fringeless this time. We're also making it longer and wider.

When Diana was in the store yesterday I noticed an interesting scarf tucked inside her coat. She took it off so we could get a few pictures

Pattern: Uluru (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: one skein of tosh sock and one skein of Alegria
Uluru is a multi-gauge, multi-sized pattern designed to showcase hand dyed yarns. Got Lace, Pure or Twin, Blend or DK? There’s a size or shape of Uluru to match, diamond, triangular, or parallelogram, shawl or scarf. Pair up a multi and a semi solid or two elegant semi solids - the choices are endless and enticing

Uluru is modular, so you only work on a few stitches at a time, but there’s no sewing up or piecing together. Better yet, there aren’t hundreds of ends to weave in. And of course, you can customize, dig deep into your stash, get creative and most of all, have fun!
This would look awesome in remnants of sock yarn. I would pick a main colour (navy in the picture) to tie everything together.

A more colourful hand dyed (like Malabrigo Mechita) as the accent could be interesting - I think we'll have Diana knit us a sample for the store.

Freia Fingering is on sale (20% off) and would make an awesome accent colour.
The pattern includes
-written and charted instructions
-multi gauge instructions for lace, sock, sport and dk yarns
-three shapes of shawl or scarf - diamond, triangle or parallelogram
-suggestions for customizing

Now I can't stop thinking of combinations. 

How about a gradient kit? Think Cheshire Cat kit from Frabjous Fibers. I'd do the outline in a solid colour. For the contrast I would work the gradient skeins in order from light to dark. The scarf will fade for you.

Life in the Long Grass Update

It looks like the yarn will be delivered tomorrow. The website is ready to go - once the yarn arrives I'll make the page go live.

I'm going to show my MKAL knitting so far. If you don't want to see then it's time to stop reading.

I'm enjoying the pattern so far. Ambah's patterns are easy to follow. I can't wait to see where we go next. Hurry up Thursday night - we should see the next clue around 8pm.

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