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Monday, February 20, 2017

Stashbust Time

Happy Family Day! My morning has been spent adding to the website. Rockshelter Sock is on the website - you to see all the awesome colours that are coming. Rainbows in the Gorge kits are on the website as well.

Now it's time to knit for the afternoon.
I finished Clue #2 of my Ambah MKAL yesterday afternoon. I'm ready for the next clue when it comes out on Friday.

Then I moved onto Find Your Fade.

This is going to be fun!!

Stephen West has a new Mystery KAL starting in March. This one is a bit different - it's about using up your stashed yarn.
Each week starting March 3, you will receive a section of the mystery shawl pattern until the final design is revealed on March 24. Get a group of your knitting friends together and enjoy this brand new Westknits adventure!
Join on Ravelry...
I'm including some pictures from Stephen. This might give you some ideas for yarn groupings when you go through your stash.
Sizes: Medium & Large.
You don’t need to decide a size now. Sizing information and options will be revealed towards the end of the KAL. If you love big shawls that venture into shlanket (shawl + blanket) territory, then there will be a large size for you. If you like a more “standard” shawl size, then there will be an abbreviated Medium option for you. The overall shape and dimensions are part of the mystery.

Yarn: Fingering weight held double. Lace weight mohair yarns are also recommended to add some texture.

Recommended Yarn: Stash bust! Use all kinds of fingering weight & sock yarns from your stash. I recommend using several speckled colors for a fun painterly look.

Yardage: 700-800g & 7-10 colors minimum. These are minimum suggestions for you to work with, but I always encourage you to have more colors and amounts ready to knit. More options = more color/contrast variety!

This shawl is designed to use several colors from your yarn stash. Gather a big pile of yarns to work with for your palette. Gather more yarn from your stash than you think you may need because you can always edit your yarn selection later. It’s best to have a broad range of colors and yardage amounts so you have more options to choose from while you knit each section.

I took this from Stephen's Instagram. What a great hint to see how the colours play.

There's a new video. Stephen is very entertaining :)

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Lois Evensen said...

Love the colors in the first project. I recently made a custom order sweater in those colors. So pretty!