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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Mrs. Crosby has been busy. Her new colours are amazing!! We will have them in the store late tomorrow afternoon.
I've heard rumour that the colours are named after men from her past. I will try and pin her down on this the next time she is in town.

We received a shipment today from Loopy Mango. We needed 35mm needles and to top up our Big Loop. In the box was a hat kit for the Food Drive Prize Basket. The kit includes one ball of yarn, the pattern and the needles all packed in a cute box. I was given a sample ball at TNNA that is the same colour and same lot. I'm adding it too - now a pompom can be added to the hat.
I tried finding a picture of the kit on line and came across this Nantucket Throw picture. Now I want this colour. The next order :)

Imagine a weekend away with someone cooking your meals and making your bed. Oh yeah, you also get to knit all weekend!!

Today I worked on the Camp brochure and it should be ready this weekend. The workshop on Friday is going to be amazing. I want to take it.

Take a look at the Camp blog...

I'm at the point on Ambah's MKAL that I need a longer cord on my needle. No problem. I have interchangeable Addi tips and cords at home. Not a problem until you start looking. I have one 3.75mm tip. How is that possible? I'll continue tonight and get new tips tomorrow. It was a lot easier when I lived above the store :)

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