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Friday, February 03, 2017


My Building Blocks has been paired with the Library Vest in the store. I like the look. (It doesn't live here but it was way too cold to go outside. I moved my friend to a spot for a better picture)

The rest of my post is about Ambah's Mystery KAL. There aren't any spoiler pictures - just some hints that might help if you haven't started.

I started winding my balls after last night's post and got two wound before my electric ball winder died. There is no power :( I think we've hurt it over the years and it's time for a new one.
I'm using Skinny Singles from Hedgehog. I will be casting on with Glacier (the turquoise) and then going to Pistachio. My last colour will be Stone (a grey/beige mix).

The night didn't get any better. This had nothing to do with the pattern instructions. It had to do with the person reading the pattern. I didn't have much sleep the night before and should've worked on a different project.

The shawl starts with a new technique called the Turkish Cast On. I haven't done it before but Ambah has a tutorial and it is easy to follow. Here is a video that will help as well.

I got to about the forth row and thought I was wrong (it turns out I wasn't) so I pulled it out. You shouldn't do a new technique during The Big Bang Theory. I started again with no problems. Except I almost finished the first colour and was short of stitches.

P3, (k to m, sm, m1r) 6 times

This tripped me up. (Now I'm trying to knit during Top Chef) I forgot to increase after the last marker - not once but twice. For some reason I was only doing the increases within the markers. Yup. I'm starting again. I really know how to do the Turkish Cast On now. :)

I'm home from work and ready to get back to the shawl. The first colour is cast on and I'm through 10 rows. It's much better and I'm happy now. I knit a bit on the loose side and should probably be using a 3.5mm needle for the shawl but I like a large shawl so I'm using 3.75mm. For the cast on and first 6 rows I used a 3.25mm needle. It made the start look a lot neater.

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