Saturday, February 18, 2017


Can you believe the weather? I went to work today without a coat. It's amazing.

So I'm working away on my Ambah MKAL and started to wonder why I haven't received the next clue. No one seems too worried that it didn't come out yesterday. Then I looked at her page on Ravelry. It isn't coming out until the 24th. She gave us an extra week of knitting time. Thanks Ambah - now I can be ready.

I decided to show mine so far. If you're working on the shawl then you have the pattern and know what this section is going to look like. If you aren't working on the shawl then maybe my pictures will help you decide to join.
I have 18 rows to go and then I'll be ready for the next clue.

Next week is going to be crazy. There are many shipments coming.
-Frabjous Fibers
-Classic Elite
-a company that is new to us - I will reveal this in the next few days - we'll be the only store in Canada carrying this yarn

We have new colours of Studio Linen from Erika Knight.
We have collaborated with London based Shibori designer Rob Jones who has created bespoke backdrops and bags for us, and inspired our new colours.

Rob says “Shibori is a slow craft, often with many hours of stitching, binding, clamping and pole-dyeing followed by more hours at the indigo vat or mordanting, dyeing and over-dyeing fabric”. Rob’s creations demonstrate his love of fabric and the time spent to produce something original and lovingly handmade, with care and thought put into it.

Like knitting and crochet, Shibori represents slow crafting, tradition and modernity combined and Rob shares with us “a desire to bring something beautiful and different into the world.”
Linen is an ancient, sustainable, natural fibre spun from the flax plant. Flax itself is naturally resistant to pests and therefore practically no pesticides nor herbicides are necessary to grow these eco-friendly stem fibre plants. Flax plants produce large amounts of usable fibre per acre and do not require irrigation.

Linen is durable, soft, lustrous and flexible and will naturally soften with wear and washing.

Studio linen is made from 100% linen.

Cool to the touch, and with a delicate drape Studio Linen is the perfect yarn for summer. With a refined palette of eight essential colours that will work with everything you wear and a clear stitch definition, Studio Linen crafts beautiful garments both in knit and crochet.
408 Kanoko
409 Pyjama
410 Pigment
411 Kumo

Wannietta knit this amazing cardigan and raved about how nice it was to work with the Linen. There will be new patterns coming in a few weeks.

We have many great colours in stock.

The Leafs are on and I'm getting back to my knitting. Maybe I can get a few more rows knit tonight.

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