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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Linen Stitch

With the threat of freezing rain this morning, I was in the store very early. There was time to sit down to finish and send out a newsletter.

I also had time to do some knitting.
The picture doesn't show it but I've made it to the spot where the colours are changing. The fun part. The grey background is fading into mauve. The peach stripes will start getting lighter in the next few rows.

Classic Elite has a new pattern - a Linen Stitch Scarf in Liberty Wool. You can download the pattern for free on Ravelry...
Linen stitch gives a woven look to this simple scarf with unfinished edges. By using two different striping colorways of Liberty Wool, each scarf will be unique, depending where in the stripe sequence you begin and how the printed colorways interact. Every few rows reveals a new surprising color combination! 
The scarf in the picture took 6 balls (3 balls each of 2 different colours).

Today's Tip:
When you are doing Linen Stitch the pattern says to slip one with yarn in back (or yarn in front). This does not mean right side or wrong side. It means towards you (front) or away from you (back).

We started watching 24 Legacy last night. We're two hours in and it's enjoyable. I can knit and watch so it meets the criteria of a good show :)

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