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Monday, November 21, 2016


This morning was spent unpacking. It was good practise for Christmas morning.

Sock blockers are back in stock. We have three sizes - small, medium and large.

A large box arrived from Freia Fibers as well. There are new colours in Shawl Ball - the yarn that we used for Chevrione. Most of our colours are from Freia's Ombre range.
Smooth, slow gradations are the signature of the Ombré color range. We carefully transition five or more colors/shades per ball making for very long, yet still dramatic color changes. We suggest working from alternate ends of each ball as you go for smooth color transitions since every ball will begin and end with different colors.

We received two colours that Freia calls Flux (self-striping).
Each 100 gram Merino Shawl Ball begins and ends with the same color, making for easy transitions from one ball to the next and leading to less waste. Flux Handpaints will have a base of 8 colors per ball, though the dyes blend together and form additional colors.


There were some bags of Super Bulky as well. Meet Cloud - shades of grey.

The Big Hat takes one ball.
The cowl is knit on 15mm needles with one ball. The pattern is free with the yarn.

We have a new shawl hanging in the store.

Pattern: Terra (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: 3 skeins of tosh merino - we used the colour Vishnu
Wavelets of lace lap at the trailing edge of this simple shawl textured with chevron furrows of garter ridge. The same instructions yield a large size with worsted weight or a smaller triangle with a dk weight.
What a great evening to be inside, sitting by the fireplace with a cup of tea and my knitting. 

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