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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Ready to work

We're back to work tomorrow morning. The store will open at 10am and there will be great deals on select yarns and kits.

I've extended the sale online until I get to work in the morning. Then these yarns (plus more) will be available in the store.
There has been a lot more knitting. I didn't finish the first balls of the ZickZack Scarf. But I'm close. I set the scarf aside to work on my Unicorn Stripes Cowl. I'm so close that I think I'll be able to block it later this week.

Beth loves the new table - now she can puzzle. Cathy gave her two puzzles for Christmas and both are done. Now she's going through the puzzle closet. We have a lot of puzzles.

I'm giving myself another hour of knitting and then it's bed time. I hope we are really, really busy in the store tomorrow. 

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