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Saturday, December 19, 2015


It was snowing when I left the house this morning and it got me thinking that I should have mittens to keep my hands warm. 

These are the Soft Mitts from Fleece Artist.

You hold a strand of mohair together with a strand of wool to make warm mittens. The yarns are hand dyed in Halifax.

We have kits in many different colour combinations.

Thrum Mitts. What is a thrum? This is how the Yarn Harlot describes them. She has a great explanation on knitting Thrum Mitts...
A thrum is a little wisp of unspun fleece or roving that is knit into your project every so often. Thrumming makes the insides soft and fuzzy, and freakishly warm. This technique is most often associated with Canada’s Province of Newfoundland and Labrador (where they know warm)
We have kits from Fleece Artist for these mitts as well. Both the wool and the fleece are hand dyed.

There are also many patterns available online. You can use a skein of Cascade 220 with some great hand dyed fleece from Manos del Uruguay or Malabrigo.

I'm just past the halfway point. I really, really want to sit and knit today but we're getting the store ready for Boxing Week. I'll post more on that tomorrow and Monday. We are going to start the sale online on December 24. There will be a great selection. If you live in the area, you can purchase online and mark in the comment section that you are picking up the yarn in the store. We will refund the shipping when you get to the store. Then the sale will continue in the store (with more yarns added) on Monday December 28.

Speaking of sale, here are our Christmas Hours

Thursday December 24 10-2
Friday December 25 Closed
Saturday December 26 Closed
Sunday December 27 Closed
Monday December 28 10-5:30
Tuesday December 29 10-5:30
Wednesday December 30 10-5:30
Thursday December 31 10-1
Friday January 1 Closed
Saturday January 2 10-4
Sunday January 3 Closed
Monday January 4 10-5:30


Anonymous said...

The Soft Mittens are just THE best mitts I have ever had. They just get warmer and softer the more you wear them! Liked them so much made several for Christmas gifts.

Bonnie C.

Rosemary Quagan said...

Julie, the mittens are really cute. I don't see the kit on the store website under kits: mittens and gloves.
Merry Christmas! I'm in NC and enjoy reading the blog each day.

Lois Evensen said...

Merry Christmas! It's always fun to read your posts. Right now, I'm only able to read them on Sundays when in a US port. In February, I'll be able to read them more often. :)