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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Meet Monty

We have new kits for kids scarves. Easy knitting! Meet Monty, he's an adorable monkey scarf knitting kit. Gift boxed and perfect for giving, Monty arrives with the head, legs, and tail already knitted. All you do is knit the scarf for the middle and attach the knitted pieces on each end. The yarn itself is fun and vibrant colors that stripe as you knit. This kit is ideal for a beginner knitter or makes a great gift for the monkey lover in your life. Yarn in the kit is 100% acrylic.

Mr. UPS just delivered the box from Dream in Color. It was supposed to be here yesterday and somehow ended up on the wrong truck. I've been trying to track it this morning but it was still missing. Then out of the blue it was here.

We have more mini skeins of Classy to make up kits for the Technicolor Cowl. I'll be busy tonight.
I would like to take credit for putting together this colour combination but I can't. Cathy knit the original cowl and everyone loves the blues and greens. Lynda knit a sample for the store in these colours and it is awesome.

The December Dream Club is here as well. I love the yarn and the colours are amazing.

I was looking on Ravelry to see what else can be made with Canyon when I found this free pattern.

Jimmy Martinez works for Dream in Color and used the December Dream Club kit to make this cowl.
Lorenzo’s Leisure is part of our simple series. A wonderfully easy knit, you are sure to have completed in no time. It features purl welts, is worked in one piece and an attractive striping pattern that will make this cowl a wardrobe stable. You’ll wear it every day in the winter!
Download the pattern...
This was part of the post from yesterday that was delayed until today because the Dream in Color went missing. This will explain that yesterday was actually Sunday.
The tale of our tree is a long one. Beth and I went to Canadian Tire on Saturday afternoon to get an unlit tree. They were sold out but the Center Mall store had them. We bought lights just in case they didn't them when Beth bought the tree. Beth got the tree yesterday and it was a good thing we bought lights because the Center Mall store was out. We set the tree up and starting doing the lights - from the bottom (mistake #1). We underestimated how many lights it takes for a tree (mistake #2). Rookies. We haven't had a lit tree since we were very little. My parents look us away every Christmas so we didn't have decorations at home. Then we lived in the apartment above the store for many years and didn't do a tree. In the townhouse we had a tree with no lights. This tree thing is harder than you think. Beth ran back to the Upper James Canadian Tire and bought more lights. Then we hauled out all my decorations which isn't enough for the tree. I need to go shopping tonight for more and a tree skirt because ours went missing.


Rosemary Quagan said...

It's just beautiful, I love it. You and Beth did a great job! Rosemary

Rosemary Quagan said...

The tree looks just beautiful. You and Beth should be proud.